Field trip day for Bryan Nanni’s grade 4-5 class at Mountainview Public School — a discovery of the biodiversity of life in the forest and wetlands. Through hands on land-based learning, games and self-discovery, this LSWC education program day left students with a sense of wonder about the wetlands.

Learning by touching and smelling, the students get a closeup introduction to meat-eating, insectivorous pitcher plants, and the beautiful woodland flower community. All the while we learn together of our shared responsibility to take care of these special natural communities that take care of us!

group of children on a boardwalk learning about pitcher plants

Cailyn Carscadden, the Trent University student doing research in the wetland this summer, explains her work to the students. Who and how she is studying a special burying beetle that lives here — a beetle that takes good care of their young family.

research student teaching school children about a local beetle species

research student speaking to a group of school children