With heavy mileage under our belt and a sizeable beach break, we decided to take a wind day. This proved a wise decision, as the wind howled all day, pounding the shore with overhead waves.

We played cribbage, roamed the beaches admiring rocks, climbed the rocky outcrops, swam when it got hot, and napped when we were tired. The roar of water racing up the beach and rattle of rocks sliding down it was constant. We didn’t see anyone else pass by all day.

In the afternoon I plunged into a book “The Marrow Thieves”. We ate spicy vegetable pad thai and quinoa for dinner. The sunset was another clear one, with Pukaskwa and Michipicoten Island in view.

waves crashing against sharp rocky shore

Now I lie beside the dwindling fire, head resting on a rock pillow looking up at my phone and the night sky.

The moon hangs low on the horizon. Stars are emerging as bright as my screen and the odd meteor skids in and out of view. I feel grateful for another day experiencing and exploring the big lake while staying safe and resting up. I look forward to seeing new places tomorrow.

By: Peter Greve