The pictographs are one of the most obvious links to history along the coast. Although it is one of the most frequently visited parts of the park, it is still a ceremonial and sacred place. We observed tourists clambering, shouting, and laughing on the water’s edge, while others sat quietly and left offerings on the higher ledges. I let my dad interpret what the red ochre pictographs might mean. He wondered how old they were. I explained the importance of Mishepeshu and oral histories. We talked a bit about traditional medicines, we sat in silence, I left my miigwetch for a safe journey and water that provides, and we continued our paddle.

We were fortunate with favourable paddling conditions to make it just under 40 km, yet only seeing 8 loons and no eagles. We got into camp as the wind started howling and the rain pelted down.

By: Peter Greve